About Us

Manito Canada Com is the company distributing Manito® products in Canada from Total Kids Corp. that is a Korean manufacturer established in 1999, with faithfulness, responsibility, and teamwork. Manito® products are manufactured as the brand name of Manito®. Manito® means “a guardian angel for babies” and it symbolizes all goods of the will that infants’ safety and comfort should always be considered first when produce all goods.

Manito®'s products have already gained popularity in Canada, USA, Asia and Europe etc. So we do our best to protect all intellectual property rights through international patents, Korean patents, utility model patents, design patents, copy rights.

All products of Manito® win public recognition of superior quality & original idea. All Manito®’s products are made with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, superior quality, and unique, original ideas.

Manito® is always attentive to infants’ growth process and is researching about it. Manito develop products by taking note of moms’ inconveniences while parenting. Manito® will always try the best to be recognized as the best in the baby product market.